About Us

Lyndsey Arkley

Lyndsey will often be the first person you meet when you contact us and is known for her helpful, enthusiastic approach by phone or email.

Lynsdey first ventured North to Applecross to take part as a client on our Inner Sound kayak expedition in August 2009. At the end of that summer she also attended our Croatia Dalmatian islands trip and was smitten with sea kayaking and Applecross. She gave up a teaching post in the Cotswolds and moved north in August 2010 to live in Applecross.

Primarily involved in the administration of Mountain & Sea Guides she has also participated in many Scottish and overseas expeditions continueing to enjoy all that the sea offers.

Lyndsey has also recently discovered the delights of the Scottish Munros on her doorstep. Still living in Applecross she also teaches English at Dingwall Academy four days a week and continues to be fully involved with all aspects of Mountain & Sea Guides.