Really Useful Links

Links to outdoor equipment and outdoor resources as used and endorsed by Mountain & Sea Guides



Mountain Equipment - excellent clothing and shell gear - 

Peak UK kayak gear - the staple kit on our expeditions globally -

Nookie kayak wear -

Valley Sea Kayaks , kayak manufacturer - we've used these boats for nearly two decades -

North Shore, kayak manufacturer - the latest additions to our fleet in Applecross -

Venture Kayaks - the best beginner boats on the market

P&H Sea Kayaks - quality boats


Weather & Tidal Info

The first stop for good weather info around Britain -

This is the wind forecast site we use -

Upland mountain forecasting -

Nicely laid out UK and world free tidal info:

Free UK tidal info -


Info Portals 

Great site detailing all that is good about SCOTLAND

In North America: is a comprehensive resource for water sports enthusiasts, offering a vast selection of gear reviews, expert advice, and useful information for all levels of experience.