About Us

Gregor Watson

Gregor has called the West Coast of Scotland home now for nearly ten years, and although he has travelled and worked around the world, he still thinks the West Coast of Scotland is one of the most beautiful landscapes and wildernesses in the world. What is more, Applecross with her mountains and seascape, in his view, is one of the most stunning parts of the whole West Coast.

Gregor enjoys any journey in a wilderness setting and his memorable outdoor experiences have seen him sea kayaking in Tasmania, Australia or New Zealand’s South Island, running a marathon or two across the Sahara desert, trekking in Patagonia or Nepal, mountaineering in New Zealand’ s southern Alps or The Khumbu region of the Himalaya. He also has a passion for cross-country skiing Norwegian style and visits there every year visiting the Hardangervidda plateau and Lapland.

High on his list of trips to get involved with is our sea kayak expedition to the Lofoten Islands in Arctic Norway. He has worked with groups in many of these countries and for the last 5 years with young people in Scotland and two years in Malawi, Africa. Greg now looks ahead to sharing other experiences with you on a Mountain & Sea Guides trip here in Applecross.