Let the Greenland stick fun begin! We'll be testing out three of Gearlab's top paddles over the next few months.

3 of Gearlab paddles iconic designs arrived today at Mountain & Sea Guides. For the next few months we'll be paddling and playing and generally getting to know these great looking blades.


As part of this knowledge base we'd like to hear from anyone kayak clients or friends who'd like to join Mike on a paddle session. It's our firm belief that the best feedback comes from multiple inputs rather than just the typically subjective individual viewpoints often seen in outdoor magazines or other online forums.

To this end we will record everyone's thoughts and experiences over the next few months. And not just on short workshop sessions but also in the real environment of multi day expeditions where we really get to know our kit.

From April 2020 onwards we will also be running our Greenland paddle weekend workshops for one and all. Details at our course pages shortly.

So, for the December 2019 to March 2020 period , please do email , phone, knock on our door and meet up with Mike to have a go with the paddles and help to add to our feedback base.