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 Note: Places might already be taken even if this page shows a date available as we keep the date slot online for extra bookings outwith our open trip format if you have a group size of 3 or more.

If you do not see a date for a particular theme then just drop us an email or give us a call as there are usually lots of slots available at other times in the season and we can create a date for any group with a minimum of three people. 

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Mountain & Sea Guides - Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all activities undertaken by participants on our trips

  1. Participants on the course are covered by our professional liability insurance against personal injury and damages arising out of incidents where responsibility is attributed to our company.
  2. We are not responsible for curtailment, loss or injury, arising due to circumstances outwith our control. You should arrange a separate short term holiday insurance policy (see the travel insurance section of TGO, Trail magazines )
  3. The agreement of the medical disclaimer on this form absolves us of responsibility for any situation arising from medical inability to take part due to problems with a medical history, or developing problems which have not previously been disclosed on this form.
  4. M&S Guides reserve the right to cancel any holiday due to low numbers. We will inform clients of potential cancellations, and attempt to find suitable alternatives at least two weeks before scheduled commencement date. Ultimately we will refund your trip fee in full.
  5. Once a trip place has been booked cancellation on your part will incur the following losses:
    Within 30 days of trip start date - 100% loss of full payment
    Within 31-41 days of trip start date - 70% loss of full payment
    Within 42-52 days of trip start date - 50% loss of full payment
    Cancel before the above periods and you will receive a full refund of all fees paid.
    Where a group booking has been made under one name, individual or organisation, the whole group fee will be subject to the aformentioned cancellations terms.
  6. If you are unable to carry on during a trip & cancel/leave, for reasons of fitness, minor injury or any other personal choice where we are not responsible, you will not receive a refund as a trip place has been taken & falls under our cancellation policy in section 5. You can make claims for losses providing you have your own UK hoiliday insurance - strongly advised.
  7. Participants must accept that within the outdoor environment there are inherent risks present which we are unable to control. By taking part in any outdoor activity you must accept a certain level of personal responsibility for your actions, and awareness of the environment & others around you.
  8. Kayaking/mountain locations can be affected by adverse weather and M&SG can not guarantee to paddle/walk/climb during periods of weather that is deemed unsafe to achieve the activity. When agreeing to join a trip you must accept that no activity takes up 100% of any day - some days are long and full in good weather and other days will be shorter and appropriate in bad weather.

    Overseas Trips - Conditions of Booking
  9. Mountain & Sea Guides will not be responsible for any travel or transfer problems involving delays or cancellations by air/rail/bus carriers as we are not a package operator - you must have personal travel insurance covering you for these events.
  10. Canada trips only: All precautions will be taken to avoid potential risk with bears but participants must accept that this is part of the wild element of the trip. As such everyone enters into the wild environment accepting the inherent risks that exist. You will be fully instructed on correct behaviour so as to avoid conflicting problems with wildlife.
  11. In emphasis of previous items above - You must ensure that your insurance covers you for all aspects of any trip in the UK or overseas including all losses should flight/travel/health/fitness cancellations cause you to miss any elements of trips. You will lose all fees if you do not attend a trip or leave during a trip where the cause is not attributed to Mountain & Sea Guides due to circumstances that we are not responsible for.